From AI Dealers To Holographic Tables: Envisioning The iGaming Landscape Of 2050

Without a doubt, technological advancement is an ongoing phenomenon worldwide. This applies to iGaming and casino game technology as well; it has evolved immensely in recent years. Developers are constantly exploring new horizons, trying to predict the path that will lead people to uncharted experiences.

Therefore, we wonder what gambling will be like years and decades later. Let’s try to predict!

 AI Dealers Holographic Tables Envisioning iGaming Landscape 2050


Virtual Reality

In contrast to the present day, when it has become normal for a person to be able to log onto a casino site or play their games using a computer or even a smartphone, by 2050, these will be nothing but past stories and forgotten customs.

Most probably, we will enter an authentic casino by putting on a VR headset. Perhaps a VR equivalent of it anyway.

In this way, we are going to stroll along the sides of the casino building, stopping by each and every table game as well as slot machines—almost exactly the same experience as visiting an actual land-based casino.

VR technology will reach a point where it can be just like walking into a real casino rather than viewing it from a pixelated gaming site. The impact of futuristic public transportation on the online casino industry will also play a major role in this.

Maybe even while traveling, people can play the game they want in the casino they want thanks to VR’s. Maybe we can see new trains that are casino-only.

It is estimated that 5G has been introduced in a number of countries, which should enhance the virtual reality experience for most people. Faster downloads and shorter latency on video content will certainly be evident, and the level of connectivity will contribute to an enhanced casino visit.

This will not take too long to become true—VR can substitute for most types of high-street shopping by 2050.

For example, people will buy their clothes, furniture, and other goods while sitting in chairs at home and then simply try on their new garments in a virtual reality room with an AI shop assistant giving some advice.


The way in which blockchain technology has already infiltrated the casino market is not only through various portals where one can place cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals but also perform any other transactions using this means of payment.

Bitcoin casinos are very popular among people who either lack opportunities to pay with credit cards and other traditional payment systems or do not want to disclose information about their card details when playing on gambling sites. It seems like within the next decade, online casinos, as well as bingo websites, will undoubtedly adopt blockchain technology more extensively.

The technology may still be met with some skepticism, but the introduction of blockchain in online gambling will ultimately prove beneficial. The reason behind this is that in blockchains, every transaction undergoes public scrutiny; therefore, if more operators were to adopt casino businesses that use it, it would actually become a kind of anti-manipulative mechanism.

On such sites, it is rumored to have a 0% house edge since they are already operating on the blockchain system. This works well for gamblers.

It might not be out of place to anticipate that all casinos will either be completely incorporated into the blockchain or entirely dependent on it in terms of their services. Such a situation would inevitably leave behind those establishments that don’t want to evolve along with technology.

However, there is always a road to go ahead or a route to halt and become stagnant. It is for the operators themselves to decide whether they move forward with technological improvements or not.

iGaming – Artificial Intelligence

AI has already become a major part of nearly all online games, as can be seen not only by the more open use of it to control computer-controlled characters but also by its influence on some less overt systems.

Given this, it is with great certainty that AI will play a major role in the upcoming days of gaming, with more and more programs becoming self-sufficient and able to handle intricate issues.

Today, it is already possible to talk to a chatbot while engaging with customer service, and usually, a problem is solved before someone ever reaches out to a human operator. It is very likely that artificial intelligence will be doing all kinds of things that require labor instead of us.

Disclaimer: The above references an opinion of the author and is for information purposes only. Never gamble for more than you can afford to lose. Gambling can lead to a serious addiction. Gamble responsibly.

 AI Dealers Holographic Tables Envisioning iGaming Landscape 2050


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