New 3D Holographic Technology Brings Tie Fighters To Life

The 3D revolution is upon us, and there is almost an abundance of 3D-capable devices on the market right now. We’re not talking about the kind of 3D we’re used to seeing in recent science fiction movies, but this is not far from it. The 3D format cinema revolution has already been done, and most of us have seen at least one movie while wearing 3D glasses. What would you say if I told you that in the future, all of us might enjoy a new kind of 3D holographic technology in our cinemas?

A realistic holographic technology has been the holy grail of multimedia for a long time. The first company or individual who manages to create a realistic, cheap and sustainable 3D hologram is most likely going to change the course of everything that has to do with multimedia. So far no one has managed to come close to what the majority of the people around the world would call a realistic hologram, but it seems companies are honing in on the mastery of this particular science.

People over at ICT Graphics Lab at USC have managed to create what could only be described as one of the most realistic and functional 3D holograms to date. Their impressive holographic technology uses mirrors, high speed DLP projections and of course insanely intricate and accurate math in order to create a hologram that is viewable from any angle. The holographic technology is so precise that when displaying animated images, it almost makes reality look fake.

The technology in itself could of course be applied to a whole lot of different areas, but one that comes to mind is its utilization in creating a 360 degree viewable movie theater. Instead of having a screen in front of you, you would be seated around a larger representation of the holographic technology, which will allow angle specific movie experiences never before made available. This could potentially make movie goers want to see a movie more than once just because of the fact that they would be able to see new details from new angles and experience the story told in a much more immersive way.

Couple this holographic technology with the 4D movie format currently making its way into our theaters, and you would probably have the ultimate movie experience. Currently though, this holographic technology announced by ICT Graphics Lab only brings to life impressive stuff like the Star Wars Tie Fighters for example. It’s not a bad start at all though, right?

ICT Graphics Lab’s 3D Holographic Technology