Equinox Clock: The Brightest Time Teller For Any Geek!

Time is one of the most important resources in anyone’s life. Depending on the situation, it can be good or bad, and it can either be too much or too little. Time really has it all when you think about it. It defines everything and nothing. Everything we do depends on it, and we tend to measure everything by it. However, how can we make it look good? That is something that thousands and thousands of people have tried to figure out. Some have succeeded and some have failed, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter since there is always time to try again.

This clock, designed by Bram Knaapen, is something that I would definitely try to get my hands on. Not only does it tell the time by LED track lighting, it does it in a unique way. Depending on what time it is, it will adjust it’s light to fit the darkness of the time. I know, it sounds really odd and could mess with your thoughts.

The cool thing is that you will always be able to tell the time by the different lighting on the clock itself. If it’s mid-day, it will use far less light to tell you what time it is. If it is late at night, it will backlight the clock and tell the time by darkness instead. I think this clock, called Equinox, would fit in any geek’s lair and would bring yet another level of Bladerunner style to your living. Stunning!