Even Airlines Are Going Green!

Yes  its true even the airlines are going green.  Here is the Green Plane!  More and more companies are getting involved and making sure that our children and the future generation still get the chance to enjoy planet earth.

When passengers view Southwest Airlines new environmentally friendly Boeing 737-700 prototype for the first time there’s a good chance they will be driven to channel Hervé Villechaize’s Paradise Island character, Tattoo, and exclaim, “Green Plane! Green Plane!” The budget airline announced their plans for creating the verdant vehicle at its annual media day on October 21. The main aim of the plane is to reduce weight savings by almost five pound per seat, thus saving fuel and reducing emissions.

The aircraft will serve as a test environment for new recyclable materials and products designed with customers’ comfort in mind. Most prominent is the 100 percent recyclable InterfaceFLOR carpet that will be installed in sections in the plane, eliminating the need for total replacement of areas like aisles where the airline currently uses a single piece of carpet.

The airline is also testing two new upholstery products on the aircraft’s seats, which it believes will offer twice the durability of its current leather seats while reducing their individual weights by almost two pounds. The first product, e-Leather, is a man-made scuff-resistant product made from recycled materials that have been discarded by the leather industry. Across the aisle, the airline is trying out IZIT Leather, a lightweight calfskin-like product that has the durability, appearance, and touch of the real thing.