Two Guys Turned This Indsutrial Robot Into A Tattoo Master

If you have ever had a tattoo done, you know that once you have chosen your tattoo, it’s out of your hands. The quality of the tattoo is then in the hands of the tattoo artist, and that can be a scary experience. Over the years, there have been a few occasions when people have had their tattoo ruined by various reasons involving the tattoo artist that they have chosen. Well, that could soon be a thing of the past. Different teams around the world are working on tattoo robots that will be able to turn your artwork into absolutely picture perfect tattoos. One of these teams just turned an industrial robot into a tattoo master.

The two masterminds behind the re-engineering of the industrial robot are French designers Pierre Emm and Johan da Silveira. Their dedication and determination have resulted in a quite impressive and unexpected tattoo robot that I would say has the most steady hand out of all tattoo artists out there.

They are by no means new to the idea of creating a tattoo robot. As a matter of fact, back in 2014, together with fellow ENSCI Les Ateliers-graduate Piotr Widelka, they created a tattoo robot by reworking a Makerbot 3D printer.

They premiered their new industrial tattoo master by allowing it to tattoo themselves. Luckily the trial was a success, and it created a perfect spiral. By the looks of it, all of the team members were a bit on the edge as the industrial tattoo master started to work. However, once it was done they were all relieved as the project at that point was a complete success.

If you don’t know, industrial robots of this size usually work on assembling cars and have a tremendous amount of force in their mechanics. Should it have gone horribly wrong, it could tear a leg off or worse. Not something that you want to be thinking about when getting yourself a nice subtle tattoo, right?

Would you dare to trust a robot of this size? Can you see yourself getting a tattoo from a tattoo master like this in the future? Let us know in the comment section below.

Industrial Tattoo Robot Is Your Next Tattoo Master

Industrial Tattoo Master Robot

Industrial Tattoo Master Robot

Industrial Tattoo Master Robot