Ever heard of bitly.tv? Ya, me neither

There’s a new power house in town and their name is bit.ly. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past year (which equates to 4 years in Twitter years) this is probably the most well known url shortening service to come on the scene. And before you uber nerds start spitting out statistics and pie charts letting me know that they aren’t the biggest or the baddest, I’m just saying that they are the bestest.

They’ve been linking up with so many other companies integrating their shorteningness into all they can sink their url’s into. Logically, they aggregate the most amazing links and videos in all the land of Twitter.

I present to you bitly.tv – a source for all the new videos that are the newest/latest, or at least the one’s that people are watching. Sure YouTube has been doing this for ages, but this brings in another group of people viewing these. It’s got it’s own Twitter filtering system built in. Not everyone is using Twitter out there to view YouTube videos and those that are, will probably stick to them like snot on a hot stove (that’s a Canadian saying me thinks, so hopefully some of you get that one).

So what’s the big deal you’re asking?! Well, I’ll tell you. When you click on one of these videos the following screen pops up and allows to you to see the viral nature of the video. Also has integrated BackType to show the existing tweets on this particular video and a very nice and easy way to share them with Twitter people or those that are url-lery racist to long url’s.
Click on the image to watch Santa in all his blingness.