Ever heard of “Water Balls”?

Alright, I’ve heard about Snow Balls, Meat Balls, Foot Balls, Medicine Balls, Eye Balls…but never “Water Balls“. This made me quite interested and I just had to investigate what they were. What I found was quite cool. First I wasn’t very impressed as they looked quite fragile and obsolete to any of the other balls but as the clip progressed I became more and more impressed.

Water balls are both exactly what they sound like and not. It’s something that you can’t imagine, still it’s there and cool. And they bounce! Yes, you can bounce them on a table like they are a rubber ball meant for you to play with. The really cool thing about it is that they are retractable. Yup, maybe not the right word in its sense but yes they are. You can create them, use them and then just let them lay in the air for about 3 hours, then pick them up and put them back in your pocket.

Yeah, I know it sounds weird but it’s true. To really make you understand what it is, maybe it’s time to tell you that it’s really a seed that you put in water. You let it soak for about 3 hours and then you have your water ball. As it seems they come in two different “colors”. Transparent and Purple. The less time you let the seed lay in the water the smaller water ball you will get.

After about three hours you will have a water ball about an inch in diameter that you can bounce around. There’s no telling how fragile they are or how many times you can keep using it by putting it in water, play with it and then letting it dry up again. But, you have to admit that the result is just awesome. Imagine a bowl of those at your party. You can have water fights without having to clean up the water afterwards, lol. Enjoy!