ExciteBike: A Life Size Pixel Bike Is Built!

When I was a game fanatic back in the days and had my Nintendo NES almost shrined in my room, I used to play ExciteBike. It’s a motocross racing game franchise made by Nintendo. I spent long hours trying to master the different courses, and it became almost a religion just to get through to the next track. Back then, you didn’t really care about the graphics cause they were already awesome, back then. However, when you look back on things now, it becomes clear that the bike and the tracks were quite simple and pixelated.

Today the graphics are almost photo realistic, and it can sometimes be hard to make out if it’s the real thing or not. Since we are fans of everything pixelated here at Bit Rebels, we jumped high and joyfully when we saw this pixelated ExciteBike built… in real life!

That’s right, it’s a feat I haven’t seen before and the coolness of it is beyond comprehension. The guys at Harder Studio truly know their stuff, and their skills are nothing than badass. They get huge props for making this thing as beautiful as it is, yet so edgy. They didn’t stop at only making the bike either. They actually created the helmet and the prize as well. It’s a madness on a scale of its own. I can’t wait to see what they will come up with next. Check out their Flickr page for a ton more images on the entire build and also the finished pictures.