Features To Always Look For When Using A PDF To JPG Converter

PDFs are highly popular among the students and the worker community. They are easier to transfer without compromising the document’s quality, font, style, and neatness. However, PDFs pose a massive problem when it comes to extracting data as they can’t be edited. If you are searching for a PDF to JPG converter, this article can help you find the best version suiting your requirement.

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When it comes to looking for software, regardless of its type, speed becomes the first requirement. One cannot afford to lose time over the slow processing speed of operation in this day and age. Your desktop’s configuration, compiled with the software’s performance, defines the speed.

Therefore, the higher they are, the better the results will be. However, for online conversion portals, your network speed also plays a critical role. Reducing the file size may come as a handy tip to accelerate the online process.

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition or OCR is a technology that is employed to decipher texts within images. For instance, scanned PDFs or photos can be used to extract the data. It is heavily used to convert images with text into machine-encoded text.

If you are looking out for the best conversion software for yourself, OCR technology becomes an essential requirement. It can be easily used to convert images of handwritten texts, images of posters, documents, and so on to be converted to versions that can be officially used.


The security of your document becomes one crucial aspect while using document converters. Whether it is a personal file or an official document, you wouldn’t want critical data to get exposed and misused. The security risks are observed higher in online converters. Since the entire process is based on online servers, your data gets stored on the internet.

One way to ensure that your data doesn’t leak is to see that the website guarantees the automatic deletion of files after the conversion is complete. Typically, websites offer to remove your data within 24 hours. SSL encryptions on the website also ensure the safety of your document.


Compatibility becomes one of the significant factors while looking for a pdf to jpg converter. Depending on your operating system, you have to research for the software version suiting your system. Though most software launches various versions compatible with major OS, some can only be operated using the latest Windows software.

However, for online converters, this issue hardly arrives. You can also filter software based on their user-interface. The more interactive and easier navigating is, the higher the chances of accurate results will be.


There are several websites available that offer you a free conversion to jpg. However, the security of data on such websites will always remain contested. Also, free websites offer limited facilities, which may hamper your work requirement. On the other hand, some portals offer you a subscription-based membership.

This opens you up for a myriad of features and unlimited attempts for conversion. One could also use the free version and buy the subscription later when found satisfactory. Although no trends indicate the superiority of one over another, it entirely depends on your requirement and discretion to choose the best for yourself.

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