Video Conversion Simplified With Wondershare Video Converter [Review]

One of the primary concerns associated with the digital revolution is that of compatibility. You may own different devices, such as smartphones and PC’s, that run on different operating systems and therefore support different file formats. The most commonly faced compatibility problems are those with video files, especially due to the fact that many portable digital media devices do not support the AVI format. If you wish to play your videos seamlessly on all your devices, you will require a video converter that is safe, inexpensive, and reliable. Thankfully, the Video Converter by Wondershare exhibits all these qualities, making the conversion of videos a hassle free and lightning fast process!

[pullquote]Not only does the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate allow for easy conversion of videos from one format to the other, it also provides the facilities to edit, burn, record, and play videos in over 150 different formats.[/pullquote] New and upcoming video formats are regularly added to the converter and at present, it supports HD and ULTRA HD videos as well. The video converter guarantees fast conversion of videos without any loss in quality or crashes. Furthermore, this converter supports a wide range of devices, whether you own an iPhone or a Galaxy, a PSP or an XBOX, the converter ensures smooth operation on all these and many more devices.

Besides having a 30 times faster video conversion speed than most converters in the market, the Wondershare Video Converter also provides the option to download your favorite videos from websites such as YouTube and DailyMotion. This feature makes the converter incredibly versatile and provides it an upper hand over the competitors. Additionally, its inbuilt video recorder allows you to record videos being streamed by sites such as Netflix, and can also be used to archive your video calls. Basically, any video format being played on your screen can be captured by this converter for future use.

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If you are interested in video editing, then the Wondershare Video Converter is the best bet for you! It enables you to add subtitles, crop videos, enhance the brightness, and modify the video in several other ways to make it more personalized. It also comes with a DVD toolkit that helps to convert your DVD to any other video format and makes the creation and editing of DVDs extremely simple. Believe it or not, these are just a few of the features of the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and you can find the entire list of pros at

This video converter is the easiest way to create MP4 files from AVI files, all you need to do is simply import your AVI videos to the converter and select MP4 as the output format. Your MP4 video will be ready in a matter of a few clicks! Wondershare also provides a step by step guide on how to convert AVI to MP4 so that new users can start benefitting from this tool immediately. The Wondershare Video Converter is a one-stop solution to various video format related dilemmas and it delivers excellent results with an exhaustive range of formats. You can try out this wonderful video converter on your Windows or MAC device to see the magic with your own eyes!

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