Finally a Delicious Computer-desk

These computer-tables do work at home orderly.
Whether you use a laptop or a desktop PC placed on the floor under your desk, you have probably experienced more than once that the wires make a clutter on the floor. And whenever you need to remove or change the setup, it’s time to get down on the back, with a subsequent acrobatic exercise to sort it all out…
CableDrop is a new invention from the Blue Lounge. For $ 9.95 you get six practical cable holders can be fastened on the table, on the side or on a wall. The holder is available in several different colors.
You can also get a more advanced solution from Blue Lounge that consists of an entire desk.
The table consists of hidden compartments or drawers where all cables can be collected. With integrated power-extensions, you only need one powercable out from your desk.
In the compartments there is also space for mobile phones, MP3 players and other small devices that need charging or just there for storage. Very Clever.
The table cost $600. Go to for more information on both products.