Wireless Home Theater – Quick Guide To Pulling It Off

Setting up a home theater is not an easy job. It requires quite a lot of effort, time, and wires. Yes, you read that right wires. Whether you are connecting the speakers to the sound system or sound system to your projector, you will have wires running pretty much throughout your home theater. Making your home theater look a mess. What if we told you there was a way to minimize a number of wires used, allowing you to keep your home theater aesthetically appealing? We know you would jump on even the slightest chance of that.

Well, we have some tips for you to make your home theater less cluttered with wires.

Get Wireless Home Theater With Wireless Speakers

Thanks to technological advancements we can now have a complete wireless surround sound system in our home theater. Bluetooth and WiFi technology has allowed information to seamlessly be transferred at exceptional speed without the use of wires. [pullquote]You can get speakers, sound bars, and subwoofers that come equipped with Bluetooth or be connected to your homes with WiFi.[/pullquote] WiFi connection is more suitable as home theater receivers now come with WiFi functionality and can easily be connected with speakers through it. WiFi also allows more data to be transferred so as long as your reception is good there should be no lag in the stream of audio from your receiver to the speakers.

When it comes to picking which home theater receiver and speakers to go with you have numerous options. From Sony to Yamaha, you can find receivers and speakers with WiFi and Bluetooth technology.

Do keep in mind that the speakers will need to be connected to a power source through a cable. So you won’t be completely wireless. To achieve the best sound, you should know that speaker placement is vital.

Get A Smart TV For Your Home Theater

Smart TV has revolutionized how tv is now used. It allows users to virtually do almost everything they would on a PC directly onto their tv such as surf the internet, stream videos, and so on. Which means Smart TV are WiFi enabled. Thanks to this particular functionality you can also connect your Smart TV to a laptop, PC, or any other mobile device. Allowing you to stream music and movies directly without any wires. The best part is, Smart TVs are pretty big in size with resolution up to 4K so they make a great screen for a home theater.

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Get In-Ceiling Speakers

Technically you aren’t going wireless with in-ceiling speakers but the wires are completely hidden and therefore leave your room aesthetically appealing. In-ceiling speakers performance wise aren’t too far behind shelf or in-wall speakers. They also have tweeters that can you can easily move in the direction of the seating so the sound is directed there.

Setting up your in-ceiling speaker is not an easy task. You are required to run the wires through the wall and up to your ceiling to connect to the speakers. [pullquote]It is best if you decide to do this in a room directly below your attic.[/pullquote] Once the wires haven been sorted, all you have to do is make a hole in the ceiling for the speakers, connect them to the wire and screw them on.

When it comes to making your home theater wireless, it is important that you have the latest technology. You need to make sure your WiFi reception in the room with the theater is immaculate so there are no issues when signals are sent between the home theater and speakers. Same applies if you plan on using WiFi to stream videos and other media between your Smart TV and computer/mobile device. You would need to connect the tv to your home theater receiver with a wire for best results.

We are not completely in the era where we can go 100% wireless but as technology advances, it won’t be long until we are. Until then, kick back and relax in your Turbo XL700. Enjoy your home theater which is more aesthetically appealing due to the need of less wires but still as powerful as ever before.

Author Bio: Katie Porter is an aspiring writer, movie lover, and part of the team at Seatup. In her free time, she enjoys exploring her home state Colorado and plays in women’s amateur rugby league.

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Wireless Home Theater – Quick Guide To Pulling It Off

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