You Knew This Was Coming…First Bookless Library Lends E-Books

Although this will be sad for some people since it signifies another nail in the coffin for traditional books, I’m excited to tell you that the world’s first bookless library, which will lend e-books, will be opening soon. Technology is a beautiful thing, but part of accepting new technology is letting go of our old ways of life. Just like my grandmother could never let go of sending snail mail, sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to the things we loved at one point. For me, it’s almost always worth it though since I love using new technology.

We’ve all known for a while that traditional books have lost their allure and appeal for a lot of people. I don’t think we’ll ever completely say goodbye to books since the smell of the covers and the feel of the pages between our fingers have a nostalgic quality that still holds value, but for everyday practical purposes, they are definitely on their way out. This bookless library is just more proof of that.

This first bookless library will soon be opening in San Antonio, Texas. It will be called BilioTech, and it will allow people with a “library card” to borrow e-readers and e-books to use at home. People can also choose to lounge in the library and read e-books, just like you might sit at a corner table in a traditional library.

I know what you’re thinking – What if people don’t return the e-readers after their two weeks is up? The system will automatically turn the e-reader off after its due, so if the person doesn’t return it, it will be useless anyway. Nobody knows yet if this system will be successful or not, but if it is, you can expect to see more bookless libraries around the United States. You can read a lot more details about this high tech library, how it will be funded and how exactly it will work on My San Antonio.

World’s First Bookless Library Will Lend E-Books



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