Postifier: Mailbox Notifier Tells You When Snail Mail Arrives

With all the Internet-mania going on all around the world, snail mail has somewhat gotten the boot. It is both sad and a shame as an individual’s personality comes out in handwritten mail. Times change and so does the way we do things. Though, I don’t think that snail mail is about to go extinct anytime soon. There is still plenty of innovation going on around snail mail. The Postifier mailbox notifier device is one of those innovations, and it deserves some attention.

How many times have you walked down your driveway to check your mailbox and found it empty? Quite a few times, right? The Postifier mailbox notifier is a simple little gadget that you put inside the ceiling of your mailbox, the infrared light senses whether there is mail in it or not. Once it has detected mail in your mailbox, it notifies you through Bluetooth, but you have to be within the Bluetooth range in order for it to work.  No more unnecessary walks to the mailbox! I think the device is best described by the developers themselves:

Postifier has reusuable adhesive, so you stick it to the inside roof panel of your Postbox. The sensor detects change in infrared light when mail is inserted into your Postbox. The Bluetooth module then activates and waits for pairing with your smartphone.

The Postifier mailbox notifier is one of those optimization tools that makes your life just a tad bit less stressful. As a matter of fact, I am thinking about getting one of these devices myself so that I spend less time walking up and down the driveway.

I know what you’re thinking, -“Can we get anymore lazy?”  In response to that question I am going to say yes. I don’t view this device as an enforcer of laziness but more like a time saving tool.

The guys behind this device, Matt Luba and Samir Thaker, have been hard at work making this device as small and power efficient as possible, and now they are ready to take the last few steps to get it on the market. They are looking to raise $12,000 through crowdfunding over at  IndieGoGo in order to finalize the gadget and make it ready for consumers. So far, with over 40 days left, they have managed to raise $1,200, not bad. We here at Bit Rebels think their campaign will be a successful one. I personally can’t wait to have this optimization in my life. The device is compatible with iOS and Android.

Postifier – Your Intelligent Mailbox Notifier

Positifer Mailbox Notifier Device

Positifer Mailbox Notifier Device