This First Ever Full Color 3D Desktop Printer Changes Everything

Imagine what it would be like to have a full color 3D desktop printer sitting on your desk at home or in your office. There have been a lot of 3D printers that have hit the market over the past few years, and my guess is that when we look back at those printers in a decade from now, we’ll giggle at how awkward they looked. Of course, it’s necessary to have those and learn from them as 3D printing evolves and becomes more sophisticated. Now it’s time to take the next step forward.

What you see below is the botObjects ProDesk3D printer, which is the world’s first full color 3D desktop printer. As you see, this printer is beautiful. It’s the first time I’ve seen a 3D printer that didn’t look “mechanical.” Not only does this printer allow the designer the flexibility to print in different colors and shades (it has a re-useable cartridge system that can even mix colors), it also takes the refinement process that is normally at the end and eliminates it. With this 3D desktop printer, there is no need for any finishing methods or chemicals. It can print down to 25 microns, and it’s very accurate.

According to CTO and Co-founder Mike Duma, “We wanted to create a product with a sense of maturity, representing its advancements inside the product, as well as a casing with a strong artistic presence – we wanted customers to be proud to show off the ProDesk3D on their desk.” This printer definitely raises the bar when it comes to what we know is possible now for full color 3D desktop printers. These will be available beginning next month, and as of now, I couldn’t locate a price. It will supposedly be about the same cost as other 3D desktop printers, so we’ll see!

botObjects: World’s First Full Color 3D Desktop Printer



Via: [Popsci] [Inhabitat] [nano werk]