First Look | Apple Tablet Features?

It has long been the talk of the industry. It has long been rumoured to be just that, a rumour. However, wouldn’t Apple be stupid if they didn’t listen to what their consumers want? Or is it that the technology isn’t there yet to satisfy Apple themselves with a product not reaching up to their own suggested standards? Well, the questions can be many and we will probably not know until they actually make an announcement about it. Many analysts say we will most likely hear about it during the next Apple keynote. But again, these are just more rumours.

So what can we expect from the Tablet then? What are the features that will revolutionize the industry this time? Will we take another step closer to the whole “Minority Report” influenced society? One thing is for certain though. Whatever we will see I am sure it will be nothing short of spectacular. We’ve seen technologies sprung up from Star Trek, Star Wars etc. that has become reality within a not so distant future. So why not “Minority Report” this time.

I sat down this morning thinking maybe I should bundle up everything that has been conceptualized about the Tablet and see if there actually is something that will “revolutionize” the market as Apple probably will put it when they release their new Tablet even thought it may be in 2-3 years from now.

But shouldn’t Apple be a little bit scared they are taking too long to produce this enormously thought after product? For every day that passes by competitors reach closer and closer to what Apple is supposedly doing right now. And with all the concept clips, images and write-ups there is a huge competition and race going on right now. I am sure other companies are hurrying to beat Apple to the chase and release their own Tablet. What do you think we will see when Apple finally releases news about the Tablet? If they ever will that is.