Floor Plan Light Switch Let’s You Play With People’s Heads

In the best of worlds, everyone would live in a mansion with a console to remote control pretty much everything in their house.  However, since that is not the case, we’re left with a single switch in each and every room.  Turning off the lights in the house before going to bed at night or before leaving home can be quite a task, and it takes up some time.  It’s time you could have saved with a central control pad.  Yeah, we’re lazy like that, so don’t go thinking anything else.  Also, the current location where our light switches are placed aren’t only annoying, they are ultimately ugly and don’t ooze the geekiness that we all want.  I mean, sure if I could control it all from my iPhone that would be the bomb but… hmm, I have to look into that!

The Floor Plan Light Switch by designer Taewon Hwang is a pretty neat solution to the problem.  It’s a light switch that is located at a convenient place from where you can control all the lights on a whole floor.  Yup, all you need to do is pretty much look at the switch to know exactly what room each button goes to because the light switch itself is custom made to fit your living floor plan.  How brilliant is that!

Now, there is your reason to play with your guests’ heads while they’re in the restroom.  If you have dinner guests, you can further increase that Halloween feel with a ghostly story and a brilliantly timed shutdown of the lights in rooms all around you.  That is, if you have a guest that can still be seen after the joke… hmm, scratch that.  It wasn’t very intriguing anyway, was it?  This is a brilliant solution nonetheless!

Central Control Light Switch Buttons

Central Control Light Switch Buttons