FlyRad: The New Cool In… Odd Transportation

Transportation seems to be the new “rad” technology to invest in. More and more new inventions are springing up all over the world. Some are truly awesome and some are just annoyingly complex and unnecessary. When I say transportation, I don’t mean cars, bikes or even skateboards. I mean the new kind of stuff that we only get to see on YouTube clips before they are finally available through some obscure site in Germany. It seems like a bunch of these new inventions get born in Germany for some reason. Either they have grown really tired of the ordinary transportation, or they just like technology.

So, before I delay it even further, I present the FlyRad. It’s a combination of a kick bike, a pogo stick and a moped. Go figure. You apparently use it together with your Inlines. It’s used not only to sit on and “drive,” but also to hold in front of you to drag you along. When I look at the clip, I don’t really know what to think. Looks rad, sure, but then what?

I am not so sure that the guys over at the FlyRad camp even know what to call it; thus the FlyRad name. Does it fly? Is it rad? Well, I guess the first answer would be no. The second answer is a maybe actually. The only reason why it gets a maybe is because I am sure you have to test it out in order to make any kind of judgment like that about the usefulness and the “radness” of this new “thing.” For now, I will put this in my “odd transportation” box. Maybe if/when I get to try it out, I will either put it in the “dangerous” or “totally rad” box. Nuff said, what’s up with these boxes anyways…