Food Discovery App Enables Vibrant Photo Sharing For Food Fanatics

When photo sharing services on the Internet started becoming popular, a new phenomenon followed. People started taking pictures of their food and sharing them with the world. Our mouths watered just looking at all of the delicious food that was now on display on the Internet. Every once in a while, there was a tagline that said what it was and where you could get it, but that was pretty much it. That is all about to change though. Food enthusiasts from around the world will soon be able to share their food pictures, and at the same time, always let people know where they can get it. It’s a new food discovery app called FoodShootr that could help culinary geeks discover new restaurants and foods in their neighborhood which they didn’t previously know about.

Think of it as a food discovery & restaurant app for food fanatics. The concept is simple, just use your smartphone to snap a picture of the food you’re about to eat, add some professional filters to it, and share. That’s pretty much all it takes, but that’s not where the magic ends. The photo is entered into your stream and into a library of millions of food photos which you will be able to browse, search and discover more from. It could become the ultimate food discovery tool.

The fact that it saves the location where the photo was taken (pretty standard for any photo app these days) gives you the ability to easily find the food you want to eat in the vicinity of where you are. The huge potential this food discovery app concept has is mind boggling. It’s a crowd-sourced culinary dictionary and food discovery tool that surpasses the walls of restaurants, coffee shops and stores. What more could you ask for?

Sure, the concept of a location-based food photography sharing service is not new, but this one could set the standard. Foodshootr is a startup that is in need of funding through IndieGoGo in order to bring their idea to the finish line. There shouldn’t be a shortage of food fanatics out there looking for a good food discovery app, and that’s why I personally think this is a project that is going to be successful. The professional and sleek design of the app itself should be reason enough to pledge. They are looking to raise C$50,000 in 47 days. That’s not an impossible task, right? No matter how much you pledge, you will of course receive the app if the project is successful.

If you are a culinary geek looking to create a community of people interested in what you are eating and where they can get it, then by all means this is your tool. FootShootr could be the food discovery tool that defines 2013’s culinary search standards. We just have to make sure it gets there.

FoodShootr – Food Discovery & Sharing App