Forked Up: The Most Creative iPhone Stand Yet

When I got my iPhone, of course I needed a dock for it as well. It’s like the store always finds ways to convince you that you need to buy a bunch of accessories before you leave. The salesperson gave me a small piece of plastic dock which had a remote to it. That was pretty much it. The thing still cost me an insane $60! Yeah, for a dock which only keeps the iPhone upright and standing. I take it the remote is more for music cause there is no way in mars that I will be able to watch movies on it while working or laying in bed. But, as the dweeb I am, I bought it and now it’s sitting here beside me collecting dust.

Today I stumbled over a new kind of iPhone stand which also works as business card holder and a salt and pepper shaker holder, and it sells for half the price. I could have gotten two and then given one to a dear friend. Instead I am stuck with this little piece of plastic that just won’t sooth my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I like it… but the price… sheesh!

Yet again, it’s someone truly creative that has come up with something playful as well as useful. Bending forks and spoons into the shape of little figurines and then letting them carefully hold your iPhone (or whatever you decide for it to hold) is plain genius. The stands look really exclusive and makes for a great little feature on your desk at work or at home.

The Forked Up Art store is just pure fun to browse through and the chance of finding something you really like is more than likely. It’s one of those rare occasions that you find something that you never thought you’d buy, but you do. It’s the expressions that these forks and spoons deliver that is unique and wonderful. I am sure that restaurants and cafés will find these to be really cool and buy a slew of them to grace their tables. It would make for a great subject to talk about while still having a purpose.

If you are interested in purchasing some of these just head over to the Forked Up Art store and browse the funniness. I am sure you’re going to like it.