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Virtual Reality gaming has taken the world by storm and it’s such a surreal experience. The gaming world is changing every year and it’s dynamic with its unique play-styles and gaming methods. VR is one of the most exciting ways to play games, but what if you can actually feel what’s happening to you in the game? Take a look below at some of the most amazing facts about experiencing virtual reality.

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VR Is Best With Friends Or Family

It’s always exciting and fun to play games with your loved ones, getting together, and hashing it out in different worlds. When you get together in the VR gaming world, it’s going to be ten times more thrilling.

You could have your own little competitions where you set up your very own Virtual Reality Arena and go on a multiplayer adventure and fight to be the best to get those bragging rights. Just remember that it’s all fun and games, so don’t take it too seriously and be upset if you lose. Just have fun and escape to the virtual reality world!

It’s Got To Be More Immersive

Just imagine actually diving into this world where all the visuals and effects are right there in front of you. But what if you can experience more than just visual stimulation? VR has already helped you to completely block the real world around you while you’re playing, no distractions from the outside world will affect you at all.

But now with a special body suit, you will actually get a chance to feel and see this new world from your point of view as if you are really there. Simultaneous visual and the ability to feel everything as well makes your gaming experience even more intense and realistic.

The Haptic Bodysuit

Technological advancements are so amazing sometimes. This state of the art full haptic bodysuit has points all over it that can stimulate your nerves and it also has motion capturing technology to really cover your entire body. It’s very exciting but scary at the same time!

Just imagine having a suit that has an electronic stimulation of your nervous system where you would actually feel the hits, punches, gunshots, water, and wind. But don’t worry too much, the electrical surges to your body wouldn’t really stimulate what a bullet would feel like in real life, for example. But it would be thrillingly close enough without causing any real harm or bruising to your body.

This will change, the gaming world entirely, VR is taking it to a whole new level now. There are so many opportunities that developers and content creators can use this in the game, creating process, providing gamers the chance to experience not just visuals but also feel the physical activities in the game.

There are going to be gaming sessions that would need a group of people to be in one place together and also to connect with each other through the internet. Everything is still being developed to be better and more engaging.  The developers of these suits are already toying with the idea of making deals with game content creators and gaming companies, so we will see a lot of exciting new VR games in the near future.

The Body Suit’s Features And Specifications

This is a work of art, it’s a wonder how developers were able to create something of this magnitude into a bodysuit. It’s a smart textile two-piece full body suit, developed in a way that the smart fabrics would fit the body as a second set of skin. It’s breathable, stretchable, durable, and it’s washable too.

The suit can come in many different sizes; XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and you can even have one custom-made for your body figure. The height of the suit can be medium and tall or custom-made also. It has a strong, rechargeable battery at the back of the suit that functions for 8 to 10 hours.

Around 10 internal motion capture sensors are spread all over it and it also comes with a Biometrics system that monitors your vitals, transmitting your emotional state, stress level, heart rate, and other key health indicators to make sure you’re okay and safe while playing.

It also has a climate control system that can work through 5 different temperature channels, making you choose the climate that you want to feel or enable it to make it cold or hot depending on where you are and what you’re doing in the game world. Owning one of these would be worth every dollar spent on it.

It’s always fun to play games; the future of experiencing these games that you love is limitless. Being fully immersed in your game both visually and physically is what every gamer dreamed of for many years. So thanks to VR, every player dream would come true.

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