Game-Changing Treadmill Goes Vertical With Treadwall

People who keep up their exercise have always inspired me. It’s evidence that they know how to keep up their self-discipline and how to continuously work on themselves to feel good. Exercise isn’t all about getting a good physique or looking dapper though. It’s as much physical as it is mental feelgood therapy. Your life can literally transform into all kinds of awesomeness just because the mind feels good about the body feeling better. It’s sometimes as simple as that. The ways we exercise are of course different. Some people play golf while some take on big ass mountains to climb. Some take on the treadmill, while others invent their very own exercise methods. That is exactly the case with the game-changing Treadwall, which is a really quirky example of brilliant innovation.

The treadwall is an invention unlike any other. It’s not particularly advanced per say, and as a matter of fact, it’s a rather simple yet brilliant conversion of the old treadmill itself. If you can imagine it, you can build it they say, and that is exactly what the people over at Brewers Ledge know. They built what could only be called the ultimate indoor climbing wall machine, and it’s totally a game-changing device.

What I mean about game-changing is of course the way that you will exercise your whole body. Wall climbing will have you utilize every single muscle in your body before you reach the top, and that is exactly what you’ll do with this game-changing device. You will never reach the top if you don’t want to. You can keep climbing and climbing no matter how far up you get. The thing is, the device is only around 8 feet high, but it will keep feeding you wall so that it feels like you are climbing the biggest mountain in your life. Right now there is no price set for the Treadwall, but I am sure that once there is one, this is going to be a hot item among mountain climbers and people who like to take exercise to the extreme. I think it is a brilliant device that will totally become a game-changing product when it comes to exercise.

Brewers Ledge’s Game-Changing Treadwall

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Via: [Uncrate]