Full Fiber Roll-Out In Uk By 2025 – How It Will Change Your Life

Since the days of David Cameron as a Prime Minister for Britain, there have been calls to make broadband a universal service obligation which means it would be given the same priority as water supply. However, this is yet to happen because the resources required to make this happen are limited. There is a great demand for fast broadband.

Britain’s government acknowledges this demand for fast broadband but it still hasn’t embraced the right approach to meeting it. By now various homes in Britain have at least 10mbps broadband but a huge percentage still struggle with slow internet connections. This has hampered many positive things that would have happened in the country as a result of a fast internet connection.

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Laughably Unambitious

According to chancellor Sajid Javid, a £5bn investment would get full-fiber broadband to 20% of the UK which is the hardest to reach. Prime minister Boris Johnson stated that full-fibre broadband is needed to improve the infrastructure and productivity of the UK.  He desires to see a full-fiber rollout by 2025. Initially, the government had planned to have this rollout by 2033 but Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that the date was “laughably unambitious”. This is why a budget of about £33bn was allocated to this project to make it happen by 2025.

How It Will Change Your Life

The full-fiber rollout will change your life in a major way as a UK citizen and here is what it means for you.

1. Good Quality Streaming

With a full-fiber rollout, you will be able to stream movies and shows from Netflix and similar services without hitches. There will be no irritating pauses for buffering. Which would make your home stays more entertaining than ever. You will even enjoy watching 4K or ultra-high definition videos instead of the usual HD(720p) or Full HD(1080p). You will enjoy all your favorite shows and catch up on them whenever you could without experiencing the challenges brought by a slow connection.

2. Great News For Gamers

If you are a gamer, then you are going to enjoy gaming more than you have ever done.  You will find the fiber-style connection more responsive with little latency or lagging.  You will enjoy all your favorite games and if you are a creator of games you will be able to test them out effectively and add all the bells and whistles before releasing it to the market. You will be a more successful gamer and complete all your gaming projects on time. If you are not a gamer but a great fan then standby for an era of better gaming thanks to fiber broadband.

3. No More Competing For Bandwidth

If you are a large household or happen to be sharing your connection with different families, then you don’t have to compete for bandwidth. It is normal for people to use a connection at the same time to do different activities online. Others will be streaming movies, watching YouTube videos, doing online gaming and downloading heavy files.

In the usual connection, everyone would be competing for bandwidth and this would slow down the connection. Some people would be forced to stop so others can continue then resume later. No one would enjoy their online activity and it would take too much time. With faster broadband, none of such issues would exist.

4. Better Experience For Home Online Workers

If you work from home, you will experience lots of benefits from having such responsive fiber-style broadband. Apart from the benefits of the faster upload speeds, a consistent connection makes sending files and interacting with clients easier.  You will be able to market yourself and work remotely without any of the frustrations that come with an ADSL connection. There is no more experiencing those scenarios where the connection drops when you need it. No more delays in completing and submitting projects.

You will also never need to commute to work if you are employed because you have a stable connection and remote working will now get easier than ever. Especially in this era of quarantine, fiber broadband would indeed be a welcome option.

5. Increased Productivities For Companies

Companies that rely on faster connectivity to do business will experience increased productivity. They will be able to offer their workers a raise because of quality service delivery. If you happen to work for such a company, then your life is going to change.  You will be less stressed at work because the connection is stable. Also, the chances of a pay increase are high and you could use the additional amount to improve your quality of life.

6. Quicker Access To Information

Even though the age of increased internet use has made the dissemination of information more effective. You will be able to access any information even though millions are accessing it at that moment. You will not have to wait until it is old news or wait until they broadcast on TV. You can access all breaking news of the world as soon as it happens.

7. Technology Innovations For a better life

With a full fiber broadband rollout, many technology innovators will have a great environment to develop online technologies that could change your life. Useful online apps will be available and useful for various day-to-day tasks. Activities such as money transfer, shopping, selling, dating and different forms of online communication will now be done more effectively than thanks to these developed technologies and the existence of a strong internet connection. Lives will no doubt change for the better.

A full fiber rollout by 2025 or sooner is just what the UK needs especially during this age of pandemics, lockdowns and economic depression around the world. Your life will no doubt change for the better and there will be positive professionals, non-professionals, families and the general economy of the UK. If you are a UK citizen, your life will no doubt never be the same again because you will experience the best of broadband connection in previously unimaginable levels.

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