Guy Builds 1:2 Scale Fully Functioning Hoverboard Prototype

Through history, there has been a great deal of iconic movie technologies that we haven’t really been able to recreate more than with movie magic. Nowadays it is easier to bring something to life through computer graphics and effects, but we still ask if it is possible. One of movie history’s most legendary items is of course the Back To The Future hoverboard. But even though it seems impossible a working 1:2 hoverboard prototype exists.

A guy calling himself crealev on YouTube has been able to recreate the legendary Back To The Future technology, and the result is actually a working half scale hoverboard prototype. It gets a little tricky when I say “fully functional” because it is not a complete replica when it comes to it working on regular ground like the one in the movie. This one has some tricks up its sleeve that enables it to hover just like the “real” hoverboard.

The hoverboard prototype is utilizing strong magnets, or as it is explained in the description of the video itself, it is a levitation rail containing multiple levitation devices. If you carefully place the hoverboard prototype on the levitation rail, it will stay in place even though you push on it from above or from the sides. You can even give it a push, and it will hover seemingly without friction at all.

It is easy to think that if we create a strong repelling floor and fit a hoverboard with repelling magnets as well we would get ourselves a hoverboard track, but it is a little bit trickier than that. However, even though it is tricky it doesn’t mean that it is not possible. Perhaps in the near future we’ll see hoverboard halls spring up all over the place, just like the roller-skate arenas did a couple of decades ago. If not then this hoverboard prototype is at least one step closer to giving us yet another means of transportation. It is a brilliant build and one that truly deserves to be featured here at Bit Rebels. Ingenuity and geekiness all bundled into one device. We like that!

Crealev’s Fully Functioning 1:2 Scale Hoverboard Prototype

Levitation Hoverboard Prototype Build

Levitation Hoverboard Prototype Build

Levitation Hoverboard Prototype Build