Flexible OLED Screen From Futuba Might Impress Us More Than Samsung’s

You might remember Samsung’s reveal of their flexible OLED screen gadget, Yuom, from about a week ago. It was at an event during CES 2013, which impressed a lot of people. The screen, which could very well become the center point of future smartphones, was considered one of the highlights of CES 2013. But is Samsung’s flexible OLED really that impressive? When you start looking at the competition, the answer to that question could very well be no.

I am thinking about one competitor in particular. The company’s name is Futuba, and they showcased their own flexible OLED screen during the CEATEC 2012 event. Let’s just say that when you see a video play on a 0.22 mm screen, you will definitely be impressed. It’s a thing of beauty. Futuba even showcased the very same flexible OLED screen but with touch capabilities. They even have a fully functional flexible OLED screen wristwatch to show off their awesome technology breakthrough on.

When you start comparing Samsung’s announcement of the Yuom and the laid back presentation of Futuba’s own flexible OLED screen, I am not so sure the Yuom impresses me anymore. It’s one thing listening to someone present a groundbreaking product design, but it’s when you actually see it up close and try it out that you really get impressed.

I have to admit that I don’t really know too much about the Yuom. Does anyone? All we saw was their presentation really, but what groundbreaking features does Samsung intend for their flexible OLED screen? The Futuba flexible OLED screen seems to be a bit thinner, and it has a more impressive resolution. I can say for sure, and it would be obnoxious of me to sit here in front of my computer and say that Samsung’s flexible OLED display isn’t impressive. However, what I can say is that I personally think the one Futuba showcased looks more impressive from what I have seen. I think we are all looking forward to what these companies will create with their screens. The question is always, who will make the most innovative design?

Futuba’s Flexible OLED Screen Presentation