The Future Of Car Technology According To QNX

Ever since I saw what car manufacturers and hobbyists are working towards to further digitize the information presented to us on our car dashboards, I always look at our current dashboard and sigh. There are so many things we can do with today’s cars and the way they work, but it’s a slow process. I can’t help but agree with Elon Musk completely when he says we have to implement innovation faster. The future of car technology is limitless if we are ready to embrace it.

In a video presentation of what the future of car technology might look like (according to QNX), we get to see a glimpse of simple yet powerful technology implementations that could make our lives a whole lot more comfortable. Usually when we are presented with future technology videos, they are exaggerated and unobtainable even with heavy innovation within the time frame the video says it’s going to happen. The QNX video of future car technology doesn’t seem that far away. Some of it has actually already been implemented.

As Elon Musk is working hard towards bringing tomorrow’s electrical car to us today, there is still a lot left to be done. With his Model X Tesla car, with its seagull wing doors, he is trying to reinvent the way we experience luxury, and it is working. What really gets people going is when car technology is advanced and easy to use. If car manufacturers are able to balance this and push innovation forward, without being afraid of change, the future of car technology could take a whole different turn altogether.

I think that you will find the technology on this video quite interesting and that it will push your imagination further than before when it comes to car technology and what it can do for us. I, personally and especially like the integrated touchscreen display which is more than enough to display pretty much any information you might want and need while you are driving. The only thing I feel could be further implemented is to have the option of the information presented on the actual front mirror of the car. It’s already integrated to some extent, yes, but I feel more important things could be implemented as well. It is also touch sensitive so why not use it for something way more important, not to mention that it would be a whole lot safer to have certain information presented in front of you instead of to the side of you. It will be exciting to see how long it takes for this innovation to make it into our cars.

Future Car Technology According To QNX

QNX Future Car Technology

QNX Future Car Technology

QNX Future Car Technology