Future Roads To Be Resurfaced With Glow In The Dark Coating

As expected after having seen TRON: Legacy, there is a lot from that movie that we could introduce into our own world as well. We know from history that both Star Wars and Star Trek have been major influences in the technology field, but there are other fields as well that we need a hand in perfecting. TRON could very well have had a hand in the idea behind the Starpath, a glow in the dark coating that is put on top of already paved walkways and roads.

Pro-teq, the company behind this product, has been commissioned to coat several park walkways with their glow in the dark coating. It is a coating that you can’t see during the day, but glows in the dark at night. This is good for several reasons, but the main one being that parks are usually very dark at night, and people don’t really want to walk through them at that time. Another great reason is that it adds light to the park without any extra costs such as electricity and it would be low maintenance.

Adding more lights or even adding other pavement solutions to brighten up a park or a road is both cost and labor inefficient, and that is why Star path is apparently superior. From start to finish an average-sized team can cover 140 meters in around 4 hours. Something that is quite unheard of in this business.

The people behind this glow in the dark coating say that even regular roads could be coated with Starpath in order to further increase visibility for cars and other vehicles, all this without any extra running costs. Whether we’ll see this glow in the dark material on major highways and other roads I have no idea, although, I have to admit that it would really be beneficial to everyone if it were. People would easily see where they are heading in dark or harsh weather conditions. It all seems we’re heading towards a TRON world with everything that it entails. Not only would it be a safety feature added to the roads we drive on, but it would definitely be majorly geeky as well.

Proteq’s Starpath Glow In The Dark Road Coating

Glow In The Dark

Glow In The Dark

Glow In The Dark