Looking At the Future Of Memory Card Technology With Steve Foley

Do you use SD cards on a regular basis? The chances are you use them regularly without even knowing it. This is why the SD memory card market is worth $7,953 million right now.

Steve Foley, the founder of www.bulkmemorycards.com, is gearing up for what’s coming in the future. Memory card tech is changing and memory cards, in general, are changing other industries.

Brand new innovations are altering how we look at memory cards and what we’ll be using them for in the future.

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Memory Cards Will Revolutionize The Smartphone

A lack of memory with modern smartphones will be a thing of the past. There are now micro SD cards that can add an incredible 400GB of memory to your phone.

This will solve a long-standing issue with smartphones. Only now has the technology advanced far enough to add a significant amount of memory to a smartphone using such a small card as the micro SD.

Furthermore, phone manufacturers are responding to this by making their phones able to use memory by making the internal RAM compatible with external memory cards.

In the past, this led to low performance, which is why smartphone makers didn’t cater to external memory cards.

A Completely New Type Of Memory Card

Samsung is another company that has driven memory card tech forward. They have produced the world’s first Removable Universal Flash Storage (UFS) memory card. They’re specifically designed for storing HD files in mobile devices.

Why is this so important? Not only will it change the quality of the files people take from mobile devices, but they will form a staple of both virtual reality cameras and drones.

For individuals and businesses, this has the potential to offer unrivaled multimedia experiences.

Memory Cards Are Driving The Internet Of Things (IoT)

Not a lot of people are aware of the importance of the latest memory cards for the IoT. They have had no choice but to advance in order to accommodate the latest IoT devices.

IoT devices require a huge amount of memory to function. The IoT has advanced so far forward that memory cards simply haven’t kept up. And this has led this revolutionary industry to stall, badly.

Steve says that the next generation of memory cards is critical to the success of this industry. Without a step forward, IoT adoption rates just aren’t going to rise to the level they should.

This is a similar problem that the smartphone industry has experienced. The IoT requires too much memory and so the memory card industry has had to play catch-up.

Last Word – More Important Than You Think

Before reading this guide, you were likely wondering why memory card tech is so important for all of us. After reading this guide it’s clear why people are excited about how memory card tech is changing.

And you should be too because they have the potential to change the world we live in forever. Which of these innovations in the memory card industry are you most excited about?

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