Futuristic E-Paper Watch Goes Mainstream With Chic Design

It’s kind of impossible not to mention e-paper when you’re talking about future technologies. E-paper has become a huge deal for tech companies all over the world. The innovation and funding that go into evolving this quite interesting medium is nothing less than jaw-dropping. We saw some prototypes demoed at CES 2013, and there are already products being developed to hit the market very soon. A designer e-paper watch is one of the innovations we could expect to see in 2013.

As e-paper evolves, we will start seeing all kinds of innovations. Some people are talking about entire newspaper placeholders which we will purchase once and then just download new content as it is released. An e-paper newspaper would work wirelessly and get updated every time a new article is published. You would most likely have to pay a subscription fee in order to receive news as it comes out. It’s not hard to imagine that we might also see free services where you would get the news, but with a delay if you had no subscription all. This could make e-paper newspapers popular, and still not lose out on revenue.

Since we will most likely have to wait a while for this to happen, we’ll just have to settle for innovations like this e-paper watch from Malaysian designer Firdaus. If anything, this e-paper watch is fashionable enough to appeal to even the most hardcore technology fans. Its curvy look and fiber/plastic and aluminum body and strap was made to impress. However, it takes some getting used to in order to be able to read it. It’s quite unusual, and it’s not crystal clear how to read it the second you lay eyes on it.

Chic e-paper watch designs have become a new trend amongst watch designers. The ultra futuristic look seems to appeal to the general population, and with new technology comes new ideas. The way to tell the time on this watch is a great example of that. For a bystander, the time might come across vague and odd, but once you learn how to decipher it, you will have an easy time telling what time it really is. It’s only a matter of time before we see these e-paper watches become as mainstream as any other timepiece. They might look advanced, but your eyes can certainly play tricks on you.

Firdaus’ Futuristic E-Paper Watch Concept Design




Via: [TokyoFlash]