G-Point Mouse | It Will Make ANYONE Blush

Alright, so now you can play with the real mouse. Yeah, I admit it sounds a little bit weird when said like that but it’s true. The “mouse” you are about to check out is bright red colored wonder of weirdness and I never thought I would actually see something like it. I am sure a ton of people have thought about it but never thought of a market for it. But, I guess for anyone that is surfing, yeah you guessed it, porn on the Internet will probably find this new concept quite interesting.

The features of it are quite distinct as well. For example, you have a “favorite” button and the scroller strategically placed for… uh… your convenience. The rumor is that there is supposed to be a G-Spot button mysteriously hidden inside the device which will trigger a nice feature but it’s a mystery where it is located.

The mouse, suitably named “G-Point” sports a high gloss red semi transparent plastic along with some black sports car stripes which, I guess, is supposed to trigger your senses in every way. The designer, Andy Kyrovets, sure paid a lot of attention to detail and with it brought on another level to an overdue overhaul of the famous pointer. But, I wonder if he spent as much time wondering about the deployment of the mouse? Where one could use it or if it’s meant for certain occasions only.

Well, these are not questions that I can answer for you. These questions you have to ponder yourself and if this “mysterious” device attracts your attention, well, I think you already know the answer to that question. So, there is no word yet when this little piece of technology will hit the stores but I guess when it does it will be a sure hit. Even though I think people will deny ever buying it… or even knowing about it …