2013 Gadget Trends According To University Students

It seems like some people are always trying to determine the direction of gadget trends and sometimes without much success. It may be simpler than you think to determine the direction technology is heading, and it could be as easy as looking at the gadgets that University students bring with them to school. When I moved on campus at USC, I didn’t bring a computer. Back then; most students used the computer lab at school.

These days it’s very different, and students come prepared with an entourage of gadgets. As a matter of fact, a recent study by Endsleigh recently found that the average student takes £2,000 ($3,000) worth of technology stuff with them to University. That number shocked me, and it seems high to me. This is the interesting thing about it though… a decade or two ago, that $3,000 would include things like a television and stereo system. These days it’s all about mobile gadgets.

University students provide a lot of information about not only gadget trends but also about the lifestyle of their generation and how technology equips them for success. Also according to Endsleigh’s study, 96% of University students have laptops, and 40% have tablets. Only 20% bring televisions to school, and only 17% bring stereos. After all, who needs a stereo when you can play music on your laptop or other mobile music device, right?

The mobile devices students bring to school point to continued gadget trends which include using gadgets to help with education, stay connected with family and reach out to the virtual world through social media. This growing trend paves the way for companies like like https://www.endsleigh.co.uk and others that cater to the current needs of students and future students.

Another thing that is like the big, pink elephant in the room here is that as recently as a decade ago, University students bought a computer and other gadgets with money they earned from a job they worked during or after college graduation. These days, the lifestyle trend is an attitude of entitlement. Even students as early as middle school often just assume that they’ll need and get a laptop for their schoolwork.

According to Endsleigh’s Sara Newell, “From listening to music, watching films and taking photos, to using these gadgets for reading text books digitally, or making lecture notes, these high tech devices have become an everyday part of student life.”

The physical bulk versus the monetary worth of most student’s stuff is definitely worth pointing out. Intangible music, downloaded films, 8-inch tables, slim line laptops and tiny iPod devices all add up to a lot of money but a very small physical footprint. When it comes to gadget trends, it’s safe to say that by looking at the modern student, we can learn that people rely on their mobile gadgets for almost all their entertainment, educational and online needs.

That box of stuff that students used to take to University years ago might have only been worth a small amount of money, but these days, that same box might be filled with thousands of dollars of gadgets. As I said, simply looking at what University students are doing provides a lot of information about the gadget trends today.

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2013 Gadget Trends According To University Students



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