Game Pen: Writing and Playing Games Made Easy!

For those who have been reading my articles here on Bit Rebels, you already know that I love pens. I collect all sorts of ball point pens, signing pens and even pencils. I saw this cool collection of writing instruments, and it made me want all of them. They are called game pens! They write like ordinary ball point pens, but what makes them truly special are the attachments that go with each pen.

Each of these pens comes with three classic games: Boggle, Etch-A-Sketch and Operation. They are, of course, miniature versions of those games. Imagine the hours of fun you could have while waiting for a class or a meeting to start. Why doodle while you wait? Instead, you could actually play a word game, operate, or even sketch using tiny little knobs on your mini Etch-A-Sketch board!