Lernstift Pen Will Vibrate When Your Spelling Is Off

About 5 months ago, Diana wrote about a pen called Learnstift. It’s a pen that can identify your writing and alert you if your spelling is off. I am sure a lot of people have been dreaming about a pen like this, and it looks like it is finally here. Well, somewhat that is. The Lernstift pen is actually a pen currently under development. The fact that it can recognize your writing makes it super advanced, and so it needs a whole lot of coding implemented into it.

The two founders of the company and concept are currently looking for funding in order to finalize their pen and make it available to everyone. It’s not cheap to make sure the pen itself is capable of recognizing pretty much anyone’s handwriting. The pen has a tiny computer inside of it, somewhat like the Raspberry Pi. On it you will find Linux, which drives the pen’s capabilities and features.

The pen itself, and of course the computer board inside it, contains a motion sensor, processor, memory, Wi-Fi and vibration module. It’s quite a lot to fit inside a pen, isn’t it? When it all works together, it makes for a unique and one of a kind pen that could turn anyone into a master speller. Sure, you would still have to go back and correct your stuff. As we all know, when using a real pen and not a computer, we usually need Tipex or some other kind of eraser in order to be able to correct any mistakes.

The guys behind the Lernstift are looking to raise £120,000 within 21 days. So far, they have been able to raise north of £16,000, which isn’t a bad amount at all. However, in order to raise enough money to make this project a success, they need to speed things up a bit. So if you are one of the people who would heavily gain from having this pen, or if you just want to have this awesome innovation in your possession, I highly suggest you pop over to their Kickstarter page and pledge the £99.00 required to get your very own Lernstift pen once the crowdfunding project is a success.

Lernstift Pen Vibrates When Your Spelling Is Off