GameDock: iPhone Dock Brings Back The Retro NES Gaming Days

Everyone knows that as soon as you start looking for retro things, sooner or later your thoughts will end up at the Nintendo NES. It’s simply what started the gaming generation, and most of us have quite a lot of fond memories from this console’s hay days. Today we play far more advanced games on our handheld devices such as our smartphones or handheld consoles, which in itself is an inspiring step forward. However, we have not abandoned the simple 8-bit graphics style just because we made our computers more powerful. It’s quite the opposite really since we have rebooted the retro style and made new, more advanced games from our memories.

So what could possibly be missing in order to get that whole retro feeling? Well, the controllers of course, and to some extent, the insertion of the cartridge itself. That is something I remember quite well. We used to blow into the cartridge in order to make it work, and it always did for some weird reason. Never have technical problems been as easy to solve as the ones we had with the Nintento NES, right?

If you are as big of a retro adventurer as me, you should totally have a look at the brilliant GameDock from Cascadia. It’s a new iPhone dock that will enable you to use retro USB NES controllers with your iPhone games. Yup, that is right! You will from now on always be able to feel that brick grip around the only controller that you have both fond memories and nightmares from. GameDock is a concept that is looking for funding, so if you want to bring back the retro gaming in your house, hit up their Kickstarter page and make sure you pledge in order to make your dreams come true. With 43 days left, they are just $43,000 short of hitting their goal. It shouldn’t be such a big deal for the gaming community to lend a hand for that, right?




Via: [Engadget]