Geek Alert – Gameboy iPhone 4 Case

There is something about mixing old technology with new technology that is so much fun. It brings us a feeling of nostalgia and memories of the past, yet still makes us feel like we are on the edge of new developments in the present and future.

The Gizmodo post about the iPad being used as the paper in an old fashioned typewriter is a perfect example of this. Below is another example of the old being mixed with the new. Someone has figured out how to make what is probably the world’s first Gameboy iPhone 4 case.

You’ll see in the video that he cut open the top of the Gameboy to.. well.. smash his new iPhone 4 inside. Even though it looks a little half baked and awkward, he gets an A+ for originality and creativity. I really like how you can only see the time on the phone through the Gameboy. It gives it that added retro feel. Just so you know, the rap music in this video is loud and borderline NSFW. Enjoy!

[via craziestgadgets]