55 Ways The iPad COULD Have Looked

Articles about the iPad are like hail piercing every online magazine and blog. We are doing our very best to stay on top of things and it’s only fitting to put together the designs thought to be the end product that Apple kept in the darkness for so long. We will never know if Apple took a look at the Internet to gather some inspiration but it’s a fact that a lot of talented people tried to influence Apple with their own concept designs. Many of them are even more inspiring and creative than the real iPad that got released just a few days ago.

The months leading up to the final announcement was pure torture for many people and a lot of them escaped to the 3D modeler and created for themselves an early iPad that they could show the world. A lot of those designs came out so photo realistic that they fooled a ton of people into thinking they were the real leaked images of the iPad (also called the iSlate by some people from Apple… however probably to throw us off a little).

I wanted to take a step back and reminisce about the memories before the iPad was released. I thought I’d find the best concept designs that were available at the time. I was surprised to see that there were so many different designs and so much creativity. It blew my mind that all of these had at least one thing that was later incorporated into the REAL iPad. Whether I think a few were better than the real one, I haven’t decided yet. However, there are certainly a few features that I wish the iPad had incorporated before it was released. But then again… Apple needs their “add-on’s” in order to milk the market for cash. They have always done that and they always will…

Or…if Apple would have fooled us all and just announced this when the release was looming…what a laugh that would have been…for Apple!