Geek Gear: LED Light Switch Times Your Lights And Saves Energy!

We have covered a couple of geeky light switches here on Bit Rebels, but there is always room for one more, especially when it’s so cool and geeky that you actually get two or three things in one product. As geeks, we no longer settle for just an ordinary light switch that lets us turn on and off the lights. We need a little bit more “geek” in it to make it a satisfactory way of doing what we all do at least a couple hundred times a day.

This awesome award winning (Liteon Award) and quite geeky little light switch from designers Jia Wen Chen and Wei-Ting Chen is as cool as it looks, but the name doesn’t do it justice. This light switch named “Flat Light” will actually save you money, several times over. Turn on the lights and the LED hourglass starts counting down. You have 30 seconds until the light goes out.

Sure, it might seem like too little time to do anything, but I am sure the developers and manufacturers have an ace up their sleeve. You could probably set the countdown time for each and every room. In the kitchen, for example, you might want it to count down at least an hour. For the walk-in-closet, maybe a couple of minutes would be sufficient. This new way of handling our light time is good for the environment as well as money saving. Is that geek or what! Awesomeness defined!