Geek Love: 3D Printed Red Rose For Your High Tech Romance

Geek love is the best kind of love in the world. Since I’m a geek, I can’t imagine it any other way. Geek usually come up with unique ways to express their love, and we’ve written about several geeky marriage proposals that would make your heart melt. If you are enjoying a geek romance right now, you might be looking for some geeky ways to show her that you love her, and this is a very creative way to do it.

One thing that makes geek love different from ordinary love is that there is usually a high tech aspect involved, and right now, one of the most trendy, high tech innovations is 3D printing. Instead of giving her a regular red rose that will die in a week, how about make her heart sing with a 3D printed red rose?

I found two options for you, and I put them both below. The first option is for a 3D printed red rose that you can have made and personalized. The second one is for people who want to take the plunge and actually 3D print the rose themselves. For that one, you can just order the 3D printing model instructions.

I couldn’t end this article about geek love without giving you another idea that is romantic, in a high tech way. You can send her a hidden, secret message in a Facebook photo. You would embed the message, and post it on your page for everyone to see. You would then give her the password, which would allow her to unlock the hidden message in the photo which nobody else can see. You can read more about that on Secretbook App Lets You Hide Secret Messages In Facebook Photos. I’m sure no matter what way you choose to express your love; she will appreciate you. Good luck!

Express Your Geek Love With A 3D Printed Red Rose

Order this first one here on Just Paper Roses

You can download the 3D printing model instructions for the one below here on Turbo Squid




Via: [Geeks Are Sexy] [Just Paper Roses]