Geek Must See: Most Comprehensive Gaming Console History Ever!

Wow, I just watched a 23 minute long history lesson on console gaming, and I am just beside myself with all of the memories that are visiting me again. Some of these things are forever etched in my memory, and for each little device that I recognize, I realize how big of a geek I really am. Whether good or bad, I love it! I wonder what today’s kids will remember, and if they will have such wonderful memories when it comes to their tech gadgets.

I didn’t even realize until now that there were so many, and I mean MANY, different game consoles that never made the front page headline or even became known in people’s memories. The obvious ones are, of course, a trip to see and the music that is edited in has evolved with every new console shown. It takes us on a trip we will never forget, I tell you.

These go from the prior Spectrum, Amiga, Commodore 64, Nintendo NES and all the way up to today’s XBox Slim. We get to see them all, and some of them are just far out copies of mega successes like the Commodore 64 and, of course, the Nintendo. Nevertheless, they are a part of the history that defines gaming and made it possible for us to play World of Warcraft, Eve Online and many more MMORPG games that we all love to waste our time on. Simply amazing! A total must see!