Get your own customized Tire patterns! | Kumho

In times when everything is angled towards individual customization we see more and more odd things that we can put our own personal touch on. Applications in general sports these features and gives the user as much freedom in making the application as personalized as the technology can offer. Even the most successful gadgets of today has their share of customization features. But, is there something that you think couldn’t be brought into the realm of customization?

Well, it turns out that at least I thought Tires were among those things not necessarily among the first things I would consider customize for personal use. However, there is a part of me that really would like to try it out. Imagine having my own patters on the tires of my SUV. Sure, it’s a wild brag factor that most people really don’t feel like paying money for but at the same time there are people out there that customize their cars out of proportion and to the cost of a smaller personal jet so why why not?

Kumho, one of the worlds leading tire manufacturers, released a couple of days ago a press release stating their entry into the customization realm for their tires. There is no word on the cost of it but judging from the cool images supplied by Kumho it somehow doesn’t matter. It looks quite awesome and I am sure it will be a huge success. What do you think?

Kumho Tire Etching - 1

Kumho Tire Etching - 2

Kumho Tire Etching - 3