Gigabot 3D Printer Allows Insane 24-Cubic Inch Objects To Be Printed

There is so much to say about the exciting evolution of 3D printers. It is said that within 3 years, every household in Japan is going to sport one, and the rest of the world is trying to keep up. 3D printers are going to change a lot in our society. Everything from medicine to how we order things online will being rearranged, and we’re all excited. So far, the size of the printed objects has been small. That is something that the Gigabot 3D printer is likely to change.

I don’t exactly know what the average printing size is for most 3D printers, but from what I have gathered, it’s somewhere around 5 to 10-cubic inches. In most cases, that is enough to print the small parts that make up a bigger model. But when it comes to printing really large objects, the Gigabot 3D printer aims to print up to 24-cubic inch objects. That is a huge difference compared to some of the more conventional household 3D printers.

The Gigabot 3D printer, developed by re:3D, is a beast that not only prints on a seemingly mammoth scale, but it also has a resolution of 100 microns. There are of course 3D printers that are more precise than that, but none that really allow for you to print objects at that scale.

It will take a while for the printer to get into a price range that is acceptable for most people. If you want to print really big 3D objects with the Gigabot 3D printer, you will have to cough up the $2,750.00 it costs before it will follow you home. It’s not exactly the cheapest 3D printer on the market, but considering the scale it prints, it’s not such a bad price tag after all.

As with most 3D printers, this project is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign. Their aim was to raise $40,000 before the end of their campaign which is in 57 days. But, the campaign is already successful since they have already raised north of $81,000. This means if you pledge the required amount to get your very own Gigabot 3D printer, you are guaranteed to get one once the campaign period is over. 3D printing is starting to become really popular, and this 3D printer makes sure we will get an abundance of choices when deciding on what 3D printers we should get in the future.

re:3D’s Large Scale Gigabot 3D Printer