Glowing Plants Set To Replace Our Currently Inefficient Light Sources

I tend to get all up into things that will change the future for the better. When it comes to making our planet a more enjoyable place, I am all for it. Innovation doesn’t always have to be purely technological in order to make a huge change. Even though this article is based entirely around technology, the innovation that it fuels is not. A new approach to adding light into our lives has spurred innovators to create glowing plants that can come to replace our currently inefficient light sources.

Imagine a world where light no longer has to be created by using electricity. What if our light sources could simply come from nature itself? That is an appealing thought, and one that would possibly lower our electricity consumption all around the world. There is one catch though – in order to create these glowing plants, the innovators would need to utilize nature’s own light sources and incorporate them into glowing plants through gene manipulation. If this can be done in a controlled environment that ensures that the end result doesn’t interfere with natures own flora, I think the result could be quite beneficial.

This is exactly what the guys behind the Glowing Plants Kickstarter project are about to do. Think of it as a realization of the Avatar world that James Cameron gave us a few years back. The possibilities are endless, and they could very well mean that our planet would get a break from constantly being exhausted by us utilizing, polluting and depleting her resources.

The Glowing Plants Kickstarter project is looking for funding, and in order to fund the last stages of their innovative approach to light, they need to raise $65,000. The good news is that with 41 days to go (the project basically just started), they have already been able to raise north of $77,000. If anything, that should tell us that people really like the idea of glowing plants, and that this project could come to mean a huge shift in how we put light into our homes and into our everyday endeavors. If you pledge just $40.00, you will get your very own glowing plants seeds at the end of the campaign. That way, you can grow your own glowing plants in the comfort of your home. I am sure some people out there were contemplating recreating the magical and glowing Avatar world already, right?

Antony Evans’ Glowing Plants Kickstarter Project

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