Go Retro With The Game Boy Mini Watch

One of the coolest ways to accessorize is to wear a watch, or at least I think so. There are a lot of people out there who think that once you’ve gotten one watch, you don’t need another. My own humble opinion about it is that that statement is ultimately wrong. For example, having the ability to wear the right watch to match your blue, white or black shirt is one way to really switch it up a little. As a geek, you would do well in investing in a watch that really complements your personality. There are literally thousands of different watches to choose from, and if you want to go a little bit retro, there is nothing stopping you.

Just have a look at this badass and retro Nintendo Game Boy mini watch, or Watch Boy as it is called. This particular model is no longer in production and has started to appear on eBay for higher and higher prices. I am sure it could be a cool collector’s item for any geek out there. If you are sick and tired of ordinary and boring watches, like the ones you can get at pretty much any watch store in the world, then this one should definitely be one to smile about.

As I said, they are rapidly going up in price, and the one that is available on eBay right now is up at $100. If you have the money and like to geek it up, this one should spawn some rather curious questions. I doubt you will be able to play any games on it, but what does that matter when you have the ability to sport one of the most retro handheld gaming gadgets on your wrist, right? Hurry up though, the auction ends on the 19th of May. Is it time to geek it up?





Via: [Technabob]