How Google Glass Will Affect Our Driving Experience [Infographic]

I am excited to try Google Glass so I can see firsthand what all the fuss is about. There’s no doubt it will enhance our lives in almost every way, but what about when we are driving? How will wearing Glass affect our driving experience? I’ve had two car accidents in the past two months, and one thing that I have to be very careful about is getting distracted while I’m driving. I can’t help but wonder if Glass is going to help or hinder us while we are driving.

If you look at this image on Imgur, you’ll see that it’s possible that it could improve our driving experience and our safety on the road, but I’m still skeptical. Ben Parr makes a solid argument for why Google Glass shouldn’t be banned from our highways here on CNET. Even Google has come forward to say that Glass has “tremendous potential to improve safety” when it comes to our driving. However, I’m still not convinced…

As lawmakers scurry to decide whether Glass should be allowed on the road (even before it’s on the market), I have to wonder how this could be any different from texting while driving or any one of the other distractions begging for our attention while we’re behind the wheel.

This infographic called Driving With Glass by (design by NowSourcing) takes a look at how our driving experience is affected by distractions in general, one of which might soon be Google Glass. I’m not a very good driver even in the best conditions. I would love it if Google Glass is able to offer an added layer of safety in my car, but until I try it, the jury is still out on where I stand when it comes to driving with Glass.

How Do You Think Glass Will Affect Our Driving Experience?

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