DIY Google Glass-Like Gadget Could Be An Alternative To The Real Thing

When Google Glass comes out, will you pay $1,500 or a little less for it? A couple days ago on the Project Glass Google+ page, they announced that Google Glass would be compatible with prescription glasses, which could open the door for a lot more people to try them. If you like the idea of Google Glass, but the price tag is too steep for you, there is another option. You can try your hand at making a DIY Google Glass-like device. It will make you look a little like Geordi La Forge from Star Trek.

This might not be the exact same thing of course, but it’s a feasible option that deserves a look. This DIY Google Glass, dubbed Beady-i, will cost you about $300 to make (for gadgets you’ll have to buy off eBay). This idea and project was conceived by Instructables user XenonJohn, and you can read his detailed tutorial at DIY Google Glasses AKA The Beady-i.

His tutorial is complex, obviously, but if you have any experience hacking, you’ll be able to pull this off if you can get the right supplies. One thing you’ll need is a pair of MyVu video glasses (a gaming headset). He basically cut those in half and wired one half to his iPhone. I read on The Digital Reader that these may actually be more capable than Google Glass. However, dang…they sure could use some design help to make them a little less nerdy and a little more geeky.

Although it looks like this DIY Google Glass-like hack would cover your whole eye, apparently it doesn’t. You won’t be able to look forward from both eyes, but you’ll be able to see around the display. Supposedly these are good enough to watch a movie. Would you be brave enough to attempt these so you could save some money? I wouldn’t ever wear these, so for me, the answer is no. I can see how this would intrigue some people though. If you try it, good luck!

DIY Google Glass Tutorial

These will save you money, but you won’t look nearly as cool…
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