Google Glass As The Ultimate Dating Tool For Guys

There have been enough speculations and feature exhibitions to know that Google Glass can change the way we interact with the world. It is the type of wearable technology that will connect our real world activities with those of the virtual world. It’s time to go beyond the general uses of the device and contemplate what it might do in specific situations.

We took a look at how it might make airports easier to endure and we’ve seen how Google itself is positioning the product, but what about more common activities? Can Google Glass be an aid for when we’re out on dates? That’s the concept of the humorous video below by Dartanion London. The video was not made with an actual Google Glass, but it’s cleverly put together to highlight the finer (and not so fine) points of using the gadget to make a date more successful.

Society has already turned towards having information on just about everything available at our fingertips. Today, no trivia question can be asked in a group of people without the caveat of, “No Googling it on your smartphone.” Siri and Google Voice Search have taken away the need to type questions. We simply have to ask and sometimes our devices understand the questions. Google Glass will take away the need to use our hands at all in the endeavor. No need to reach into our pockets and pull out our portable computers. In the Google Glass future, our computers will be in front of us, ready to respond to our queries at any moment.

It makes one wonder what could possibly be next in the evolution of constant connectivity? There’s already speculation about the Apple iWatch. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is reported to be able to watch our eye movements to detect when we’ve reached the bottom of the page so it knows when to scroll up. Will Google Glass eventually lead to Google Contacts? Is Apple going to come up with a collar that can hear your Siri queries at a whisper? Who will be the first to respond to questions that we think rather than say out loud? Enough worrisome speculating about the ever-increasing push for technology that makes us lazier. Let’s chuckle over this video.

Google Glass As The Ultimate Dating Tool For Guys