Wearable Mouse Now Available For Ultra Casual Browsing

I bet when you are sitting at your office desk browsing away on your computer, you sometimes wish there was a simpler and more casual way of doing your work, right? I think after watching Minority Report, we all want to be immersed in science fiction. There are mods out there that will enable us to use our computers by waving them around in the air, but it has been said many times that it’s not exactly the most optimized way of using a computer. I don’t entirely agree with that mindset. There are applications where a hand-mounted mouse could actually be quite useful. It might not be in front of the computer at your job, but when in front of the TV, a wearable mouse would be the ultimate casual way to interact with the content on the screen.

A company named Thanko has made a wearable mouse available that will make your time in front of the screen a whole new experience. When people have said that an application or invention like this wearable mouse wouldn’t make sense in today’s busy technology landscape, I bet they didn’t think that wearing one in front of the TV would be so much more casual than wearing it in front of the computer.

This wearable mouse has a bunch of innovative features. For example, the left and right mouse button are represented by two click pads on the index finger, and you control the cursor on the screen while just moving your hand. As you see, it doesn’t have to be some complicated optical guided solution in order to reach futuristic technologies. This wearable mouse is actually available right now for the geeky price of just $62.00. It’s A pretty decent price for something that will enable you to lay flat on the couch while browsing the goods on that Internet connected TV you just bought. No longer will you need to use your smartphone or mobile device in order to control the content on the screen, just wave your hand while wearing this mouse, and you will control your TV set like a true science fiction wizard.

Thanko Wearable Mouse – Innovative Technology




Via: [Technabob]