Google’s Favorite Place | Using QR Codes for Business

We have been hearing about QR Codes since early this year, but leaves you wondering how it can be used on a more practical and efficient means. Now with Google’s Favorite Place the possibilities are more tangible.  First, how does Google’s Favorite Place works? This is based on how customer’s interact with business online.  If you are not listed then, how can your customers find you?  Imagine, if your competitor is there and you are not, then your competitor will have an edge.  The QR Codes enable people to simply find a business, so whether you are a  coffee shop, restaurant, flower shop, whether small, medium or large company, this tool can really help you.  This is a great tool to help us all find reviews, ratings, locations of any business near our areas.

What are QR Codes?

This unique bar code on the lower right of the sticker (known as a QR code) lets customers – and potential customers – instantly learn more about a business, by visiting a mobile version of the business’ Place Page on any supported phone.

Here’s more on how it works and what you can do with it:

  1. Make sure your phone can scan a QR code with its camera, either with an application that you download or via software that’s already installed on your phone. To find out what application to use for your phone, we recommend doing a Google search for the model of your phone along with “QR reader”.
  2. When you see a QR code, use your phone’s application to scan it. If you’re scanning a QR code on one of the window decals that we’ve sent to thousands of U.S. businesses, you’ll quickly be taken to that business’ mobile Place Page on Google, where you can:
    • Read reviews to see what other users think about the business
    • Find a coupon that the business has posted to their Place Page
    • Star the business to remember to check it out later, or to remember to visit again
    • Leave a review right after you leave the business. What’s a better time to write what you think, than when you’ve just visited?

Here is a quick tour on how Google can help your customer’s locate you.