GoPano: A 360 Degree Camera For Your iPhone 4 [Wow Factor]

It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote about an accessory that could add the capability of shooting 360 degree videos and photos to your iPhone 4. That accessory was called Kogeto Dot, and it had some really fancy features. Somehow the Kogeto never impressed me much though, at least not to the point where I really wanted to get it. It’s good, cool and all that jazz, but I want something more. I want something that will have my iPhone stacking those videos like they have never been stacked before. Simply put, I want my accessories to be invaluable when I start to use them. The Kogeto just doesn’t seem to be able to do that.

I have been looking for something else, and I really think I have found it. It’s the GoPano Micro. Have you ever seen those look-alike spaceships hovering over those Google mapping cars? This is similar to those, just smaller. And there is a really cool slider feature that I really think is awesome! All you have to do is slip on the case, snap on the 360 degree camera and start shooting. Slide the screen with one finger horizontally, and you will be able to choose exactly what angle you want to shoot your video or photos.

You can basically shoot in any direction, pan it while you shoot, and it will just do whatever you want it to. It’s an amazing little gadget, and even though it was announced on Kickstarter not too long ago, it’s now available for purchase. The price is a cool $79.95, and you can’t argue this is not worth the money. The people behind it have a boatload of other stuff as well that I really urge you to check out. If you’re into photography and really want to switch things up a little, you should definitely have a look at the GoPano. It looks amazing!

GoPano 360 Degree iPhone Camera