Gorilla Glass By Corning Gets Additional Futuristic Features

If you haven’t heard of Gorilla Glass before, this might possibly change your perspective when it comes to smartphones. Gorilla Glass by Corning is a touchscreen glass which is in constant development. There was huge hype about it some time ago because of its increased durability. It is proven to be one of the most durable types of glass ever to grace a smartphone. But that’s not all that the people over at Corning have planned for this amazing piece of innovation.

The features they plan to add to the Gorilla Glass by Corning are nothing less than mind-boggling. When they are added, we are going to be able to use our smartphones in a whole new way. Gorilla Glass will of course be used on all kinds of mobile devices (and probably already is), but the features planned will make it even more useful, if that’s possible.

In the future, we will no longer have to shield our phones from the sun. Gorilla Glass is about to get an overhaul when it comes to its surface. Corning has developed a surface layer that almost completely prevents reflections and glare. Imagine being able to bust out your smartphone on a sunny day and still being able to see exactly what’s on the screen. No more shielding your phone or desperately trying to see who is calling you.

In the near future, Corning is going to add another feature they are currently developing, and that is an antimicrobial layer on top of the glass itself. When it’s added, you will never have to worry about germs being attached to the surface of your screen. It’s going to be super clean no matter what you put your smartphone through. It’s a huge problem for some people, but a problem that is going to be eliminated quite soon with the Gorilla Glass by Corning.

Gorilla Glass By Corning – Future Features


The picture below appears to show a Gorilla Glass sheet with a hole cut out in the middle of it, but that’s where we are wrong. It’s actually just the anti-reflection layer doing its thing. The glass is there, but it’s just not giving off hardly any reflection or glare.